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About the Omega Temple Desert of Florida


Let us introduce you to Omega Temple Desert of Florida, a philanthropic organization affiliated with the Masonic Order. Established in 1984, our main objective is to serve as a leading force in supporting our community. At Omega Temple Desert of Florida, we firmly believe in making a positive impact and uplifting those less fortunate. As part of our ongoing commitment, we actively support the Autism Foundation through regular contributions. We understand the importance of creating opportunities and providing resources for individuals with autism, and we are dedicated to making a difference in their lives. 

Shadow on the Wall

Omega Temples

Omega Temple # 1


 Illustrious Potentate 

Cleon B Williams 33* 

Omega Temple # 2  Jacksonville

Illustrious Potentate 

David Valentine 33*

Omega Temple #5 Gainesville

Illustrious Potentate

Eldred Lewis 33*

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